How to Successfully Manage Multiple WordPress Websites (and not lose your mind)

Over the years, with its ease of use and plugin extensibility WordPress has risen to be one of the favorite content management systems in the world. However, despite its user-friendliness, things start to get complicated when you have to manage too many websites. Even if you have a knack for multitasking, you are only one person and there’s a limit to what you can do in a given amount of time. That’s why it’s important to optimize your management techniques when switching between multiple sites. We want to help you, so read on.

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What’s 5G?

The 5G standards haven’t yet been set. According to AT&T’s network operation’s president, Bill Smith, 5G likely will be defined in the year 2018, and the 5G standards will be codified sometime within the year 2019 by a branch of the U.N., the International Telecommunications Union. The standards are going to determine what wireless technologies may be named “5G,” and what its characteristics have to include, like how quick it’s going to be.

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United States Military Losing Electromagnetic Warfare Race

For a while now, human beings have had the ability to both generate and detect all frequencies alongside the EMS (electromagnetic spectrum), and various kinds of EMS radiation may be used in various ways. For example, radio waves may be utilized to communicate. If focused, microwaves may be used to drastically heat targets up.

Electromagnetic warfare may be separated into two kinds: active, whereby directed energy is utilized to either disable, destroy or locate hostile targets, and passive, whereby the EMS is utilized to offer shielding or cloaking to allied units that operate in hostile territory.

Technologies which might be helpful for potential future adoption also are described, which include a new jamming system referred to as DRFM (Digital Radio Frequency Memory). The system, connected with ships and planes, has the ability to record an incoming signal, change it then send false returns to the enemy sensor. The device will represent a change in the kinds of EW utilized by the United States military: one which doesn’t overload hostile sensors, yet instead will deceive them.

The report showcases the worries of the increasing ballistic missile range acquired by possible hostile nations. To detect threats that are further away, more powerful electromagnetic spectrum sensors are needed, which inevitably are going to make them more detectable. The DoD will lament that the cloaking technologies, like the “cover pulse” technique, is not yet advanced enough to handle this.

The writers recommend that the newly developed EXCOM (EW executive committee) ought to oversee the implementation and development of a new vision for how United States forces will again dominate EW.

Amazon uncovers hybrid drone prototype to generate 30-minute deliveries

Amazon has uncovered a new hybrid delivery drone which may fly both vertically, as a helicopter able to land in customers’ backyards, as well as horizontally similar to a conventional plane. This drone may travel up to 15 miles at very high speed.

Last Sunday, the Internet retail giant introduced a video where the prototype is released by Jeremy Clarkson, the previous BBC presenter. The movie displays the unmanned aerial vehicle that rises up from an Amazon warehouse, and flies over pristine countryside, and lands on an Amazon logo put on a consumer’s lawn.

See it in action here:



This hybrid is conceived as Amazon Prime’s prototype workhorse, the futuristic delivery service aspiring to carry packages to consumer within thirty minutes of their order.

Amazon hopes that security features built in the vehicle, which include sensors such as “detect and avoid” which the retail giant says permit the drone to fly around obstacles, is going to overcome any concerns from government regulators – a few of whom have shown resistant to the concept of delivery drones – and consumers.

The helicopter function might be utilized to take the vehicle up to elevation then down to the consumer’s yard or doorstep. As the horizontal motor engages, the drone flies at up to 60 miles per hour, permitting quick delivery.

The hybrid aeroplane long has been the aspiration of flight engineers and already exists in numerous large-scale vehicles, which include the military Osprey. The retail giant’s prototype is considered to be the first efficient hybrid accomplished in a tiny unmanned drone of under 55 pounds.

Sensitive ultrasonic graphene microphones created by scientists

Graphene, a technological device from the University of Manchester which was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, has been utilized to create flexible and tough water filtration devices, digital touchscreens, drug delivery systems, and enhanced night vision contact lenses. It is a veritable wonder material; just this year it has formed the basis of an additional technological innovation – a microphone almost 32 times more sensitive than standard ones. This new invention is defined in the journal 2D Materials.

The graphene membrane, a mere 30 carbon atoms thick, was cultivated on a nickel-based foil utilizing a process called CVD (chemical vapor deposition). Within CVD, reactive, gaseous materials (like methane, a compound containing carbon) interact with a substrate, (the foil), to generate graphene. Following the graphene sheets beginning to crystallize out upon the foil, the nickel carefully was removed.

Normally, microphone performance is measured and tested by recording a sequence of sound waves over a frequency range, from the low 10 hertz to the higher 24 kilohertz – around the entire hearing range. Frequency is associated with a sound’s “pitch,’ whereby the amplitude is associated with its “loudness.” Sound waves that increase in frequency yet remain at consistent amplitudes were blasted at this graphene foil.

The more the membrane’s vibration matches up with the sound wave’s wave pattern, the more sensitive its’ deemed to be. The results, as compared with regular nickel-based membranes, were amazing. It exhibited a 32-fold rise in sensitivity around a substantial portion of the audio spectrum: 11 kilohertz, around a dizzying range of amplitudes.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Men

…because all of us are in need of gift ideas for this holiday season. How is it again that time of year?  It does not always need to only be gloves and ties for the holidays; therefore, look at our choices and collect some fantastic holiday gift ideas for all of the amazing men within your life.  If you have a brother, husband, son, boyfriend, cousin, father, grandson, grandfather, dog or uncle to shop for, we are pretty certain we have you covered.  Shop our picks for this year’s ideas for the best men’s Christmas gifts!

Top ‘Gadgety’ 2015 Christmas Gift: Wooden iPhone 6s (or 6) Case


Top Christmas Inspired Cologne:  Spicebomb


Top Gift for the Man on the Run: iPad television Stand


Top Shaver (to substitute the one you got for him in 2014):  Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 QT4070/41


For the Guy of Style:  To Boot ‘Stallworth’ Cap Toe within Cognac Leather


For Do-it-Yourself Drinkers:  Beer Making Kit by the Brooklyn Brew Shop – Because it always is a lot more fun to drink as you brew it yourself!


For Techie Athletes: A Wireless Fitbit Band


ForTrendsters: Olivewood Sunglasses by Warby Parker Robinson


For those who need quiet: Quiet Comfort Noise Canceling In Ear Headphones by Bose


For Techsters: MacBook Pro with Retina Display


Still an excellent laptop as you require an upgrade, yet do not have a desire to break the bank.  A 13.3-inch notebook/laptop w/ retina display.  We still adore all things Apple.

Facebook makes dealing with your ex on social media less bothersome

In today’s social media age it’s very difficult to handle relationships. Breaking up with somebody often means that you end up continuing to look at their photos online, you find out when they enter into a new relationship and exactly what they’re doing after you break up. While deleting someone as a friend on Facebook can send a strong message and make it difficult to potentially rekindle a romance later on, Facebook is introducing new features that make ending relationships easier.

This week Facebook launched a number of tools that sets different privacy alerts for people who have recently broken up over Facebook. This means that when a breakup occurs officially and a person changes their relationship status the social network will give each party the option to limit status updates, photos, videos and more that a former partner might see.

To go one step further these privacy options also allow users to edit some of their past posts giving partners the chance to un-tag themselves from previous photos all at once or through individual posts. This gives users the option to go absolutely nuclear and delete their relationship from Facebook altogether. Facebook won’t make these changes painful either and as you untagged yourself from photos Facebook won’t alert the other person to changes in tagging behavior.

It will be interesting to see exactly what these new relationship options can bring for dedicated Facebook users and those who are transitioning out of relationships over social media. These new options will be launched today throughout the US and for mobile users. Depending on the reception that Facebook gets with these initial changes to privacy option settings they may choose to roll out the update internationally from there.

Have you ever experienced issues with social media coming out of a relationship? Do you think these updates would be helpful to have on your Facebook? Comment below.