United States Military Losing Electromagnetic Warfare Race

For a while now, human beings have had the ability to both generate and detect all frequencies alongside the EMS (electromagnetic spectrum), and various kinds of EMS radiation may be used in various ways. For example, radio waves may be utilized to communicate. If focused, microwaves may be used to drastically heat targets up.

Electromagnetic warfare may be separated into two kinds: active, whereby directed energy is utilized to either disable, destroy or locate hostile targets, and passive, whereby the EMS is utilized to offer shielding or cloaking to allied units that operate in hostile territory.

Technologies which might be helpful for potential future adoption also are described, which include a new jamming system referred to as DRFM (Digital Radio Frequency Memory). The system, connected with ships and planes, has the ability to record an incoming signal, change it then send false returns to the enemy sensor. The device will represent a change in the kinds of EW utilized by the United States military: one which doesn’t overload hostile sensors, yet instead will deceive them.

The report showcases the worries of the increasing ballistic missile range acquired by possible hostile nations. To detect threats that are further away, more powerful electromagnetic spectrum sensors are needed, which inevitably are going to make them more detectable. The DoD will lament that the cloaking technologies, like the “cover pulse” technique, is not yet advanced enough to handle this.

The writers recommend that the newly developed EXCOM (EW executive committee) ought to oversee the implementation and development of a new vision for how United States forces will again dominate EW.

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