Facebook makes dealing with your ex on social media less bothersome

In today’s social media age it’s very difficult to handle relationships. Breaking up with somebody often means that you end up continuing to look at their photos online, you find out when they enter into a new relationship and exactly what they’re doing after you break up. While deleting someone as a friend on Facebook can send a strong message and make it difficult to potentially rekindle a romance later on, Facebook is introducing new features that make ending relationships easier.

This week Facebook launched a number of tools that sets different privacy alerts for people who have recently broken up over Facebook. This means that when a breakup occurs officially and a person changes their relationship status the social network will give each party the option to limit status updates, photos, videos and more that a former partner might see.

To go one step further these privacy options also allow users to edit some of their past posts giving partners the chance to un-tag themselves from previous photos all at once or through individual posts. This gives users the option to go absolutely nuclear and delete their relationship from Facebook altogether. Facebook won’t make these changes painful either and as you untagged yourself from photos Facebook won’t alert the other person to changes in tagging behavior.

It will be interesting to see exactly what these new relationship options can bring for dedicated Facebook users and those who are transitioning out of relationships over social media. These new options will be launched today throughout the US and for mobile users. Depending on the reception that Facebook gets with these initial changes to privacy option settings they may choose to roll out the update internationally from there.

Have you ever experienced issues with social media coming out of a relationship? Do you think these updates would be helpful to have on your Facebook? Comment below.

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