Google making renewable energy deal to power up data centers

Within one of the largest renewable energy deals that was made by a non-utility business, your Internet searches and cat videos soon could be carbon neutral as Google just announced that it increased the quantity of green energy powering its buildings and data centers. The move, which besides the renewable energy the business already uses was likened to taking a million vehicles off of the road, is an additional measure toward the Web giant’s objective of being 100% green by the year 2025.

The business announced it will add an additional 842 MW of renewable energy capacity, purchasing it from solar and wind projects mostly inside the United States, yet additionally from Sweden and Chile, and is going to mean that Google currently purchase 2 gigawatts of renewable energy per year. The deals that were made span from 10 to 20 years, which the business hopes is going to encourage added development of the projects, and increase their ability of producing green energy further.

Most new green energy that is being purchased by Google is going to derive from domestic wind farms inside the United States, in addition to a solar deal with Duke Energy. Additional deals were struck with a solar farm inside Chile and wind farm inside Sweden. Now it means that 37% of the energy that is consumed by the business is from renewable resources, with ultimate preparations to offset all emissions from the data centers.

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