Trailer- Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice

Personally, we aren’t fans of the Gotham series; however, that is a story for another day. Yet, as Warner Bros. used a recent episode to debut its new trailer Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice, we just had to tune in. Warner Bros., mission successful.

The new trailer Dawn of Justice is our best glance at the upcoming superhero film that pits Henry Cavill’s Superman against Ben Affleck’s Batman. Also, ee get our first peek at the tone of Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor that admittedly made us smile.

The movie is going to star Cavill, Affleck, Amy Adams, Eisenberg, Gal Gadot, as well as Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who recently just joined up with The Walking Dead cast).

Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice, of course, is amongst our most anticipated must-see films of 2016, and we cannot wait to view it as it hits cinemas on March 25th, 2016. Meanwhile, we would not mind an additional trailer or two.

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Kevin Bacon to star in new Tremors TV series

We did not rise this morning believing that a 25-year-old franchise which has not seen any news or action recently could inject a bit of excitement into our life, yet that is exactly what has occurred lately as this classic science fiction film Tremors is receiving a television revival.

Furthermore, it is going to star Kevin Bacon, who also will serve as executive producer for this series.

According to resources, the project is going to come back to Perfection, a fictional region in Nevada, and Kevin Bacon is going to reprise his iconic part as Valentine McKee. The Tremors television series is going to be based upon the original 1990 movie about giant killer worms.

The series is now being developed by Blumhouse Productions and Universal Cable Productions, and the report does not provide much more information in regard to what we might expect. But, it is early on in its development. Studios have started shopping the series around to a variety of networks, with “a multitude of bidders” interested. Can it be possible that we will see Netflix win an additional bidding war (as they did recently with its Lost in Space television Series reboot)? It may feel similar to a SyFy series, of course, yet other networks have seen massive success with science fiction series. Only time will tell, yet for now, keep abreast to Clan 5 for more coverage in regard to the new science fiction television series, as we will be closely following its development.

Trailer – Captain America: Civil War

Marvel debuted its original trailer of Captain America: Civil War recently upon Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it is even more glorious than first imagined.

The trailer concentrates on the conflict in between Iron Man and Captain America, and it is filled with high octane battle scenes, a battered and bruised Iron Man, as well as Captain America’s discharge.

The movie, of course, picks up at the place Avengers: Age of Ultron left off, along with Steve Rogers leading an all-new Avenger team. However, after the Avengers produce collateral damage, political pressure will force them to put in a system of accountability and new governing body.

It’s amongst the better Marvel film trailers we have seen to date, as it’ll appear to catch the right tone of the upcoming movie. Couple this with the truth that they added in Martin Freeman to the cast, it is safe to bet our anticipation is at an all-time high.

Now, we all have something to actually look forward to following Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Captain America: Civil War’s release date is slated for May 6th, 2016.

Watch the trailer here:

Netflix putting Lost in Space television series in works

Netflix has yet taken an additional measure at becoming the king of television as the streaming service announced they have landed the rights to a television series remake of Lost in Space, which they are currently putting into production.

Netflix was within a heated bid war over the sci-fi cult television classic prior to landing the project, according to a report at Deadline. Netflix stated that they have placed feature writers Burk Sharpless (Dracula Untold) and Matt Sazama on the project, with legendary television’s Neil Marshall predicted to direct the series.

The 1965 television series was set 30 years into the future, as well as centered around an attempt by the United States to colonize deep space by sending one family upon a 5 1/2-year exploration to an additional planet. An enemy agent will sabotage the mission, and take the ship off course, thereby becoming lost in space.

The remake series Lost in Space originally was attempted by NBC as a telefilm, prior to being rebooted as a WB series, in which it received the pilot treatment which was directed by John Woo. It did not receive a series order, unfortunately.

We always are on the lookout for brand new sci-fi television series to view, of course, and had the television series been won by a broadcast network, we may not be as interested. But, the truth that Netflix picked the series up might mean the series may take a somewhat darker tone.

Is Star Wars Battlefront The Star Wars Game Fans Have Always Wanted?

If you are a fan of Star Wars you may have found yourself absolutely lost in some of the battles of the original trilogy as well as some of the epic space battles from the trailers to the new film being released in December. Seeing these battles and living them are two very different things and battlefront actually gives you the tools to immerse yourself in the chaotic world of a sci-fi space battle.

Graphically this is probably one of the best examples of a Star Wars game that comes close to the insane visuals that we see in some of the movies. EA has gone all-out re-creating the Star Wars universe from the iconic characters like Bobo Fett, Princess Leia and Luke to immersing players in the original soundtrack, sounds of the battles and even capturing some of the explosions and effects. The presentation and Star Wars battlefront definitely is the type of Star Wars game that everyone has been waiting for over many years.

What battlefront lacks unfortunately is any semblance of story. The creators of this game took out any kind of narrative or dialogue that had to do with the Star Wars universe. It does create an amazing platform for 40 players to duel against each other in vehicles and weapons that are used throughout the movie series but there really isn’t much of a single player campaign, a story for any of the characters or game modes that don’t suffer from repetitions after long play sessions. While battlefront is definitely the type of simulation that Star Wars fans who have ever tried to simulate these battles with action figures have always wanted, it’s not necessarily the all-encompassing Star Wars game that gamers have always wanted.

If you are in the mood for the ultimate Star Wars battle simulation that you can casually play this is a great option. If you are looking for an immersive title that can keep you engaged for many hours of play however you may find this game getting somewhat repetitive at least until some of the expansion start to drop next year.

3 new fantasy sci-fi books you gotta check out!

Add these books to your wish list for the holidays or you can treat yourself to a great read to sit in front of the fire with. Either way, we have gone out of our way to sift through the worthwhile books so you do not have to.

Ash and Silver, Carol Berg – release date: Dec. 1st, 2015


National Bestselling writer Carol Berg comes back to the realm of her Lighthouse books with her epic fantasy sequence The Sanctuary Duet, of which Ash & Silver is the 2nd installment. It’s a continuation of her first book, Dust & Light, so reading that book prior is recommended so you’ll have the backstory before diving in.

Experimental Film, Gemma Files – release date: Dec. 3rd, 2015


Experimental Film is somewhat different than the books our site usually features, as it isn’t so much science fiction or fantasy, yet instead, contemporary horror. If being scared is more your style, it definitely is the novel for you. In fact, horror fans already might be familiar with the books of up-and-coming author Gemma Files, as she has published two short story collections and Hexslinger trilogy.

Nevermore, Rob Thurman


Nevermore includes the 10th installment of the Cal Leandros sequence from urban fantasy/paranormal author Rob Thurman. As this type of supernatural series tends to be trending at this time, this book seems to be well written, as early reviews for the novel look to be very positive.