Scientists create first cyber plant

A Sweden University team of scientists created the initial electrically augmented plant, and developed both digital and analog circuits within a rose that is alive. The technology would permit researchers to regulate chemical processes and growth in plants and harness photosynthesis in order to develop fresh solar cells.

This Swedish team added in a polymer into the rose’s leaves and natural vessel system, and they had the ability to prove it is possible to develop electrical elements resembling transistors, wires, and display components.

The group utilized a conductive polymer, referred to as PEDOT-S, in order to form wires inside the inside of the xylem; tissue carrying water surrounding the plant. Wires were put together by exposing the rose cuttings to a polymer solution that evenly spread all throughout the plant, and coats the xylem as well as forms conductive structures that were longer than 2”. Due to the polymer not filling the xylem completely, the capability of the plant carrying nutrients and water around wasn’t restricted.

Also, the researchers infused the leaves of the plant utilizing a different polymer, an additional PEDOT family member that developed “pixels” surrounding the veins of the rose. By sending electrochemical signals via the veins, they had the ability to activate these pixels, altering the color inside these leaves as if they were simplistic displays, changing between dark and light green.

Head of the team which created the technology, Professor Magnus Berggren, thinks electronically enhanced plants might possess a massive impact in comprehending plants better and creating integrated technologies like bio-sensors, photosynthesis based fuel cells, growth regulators as well as devices which are able to control the plant’s inside functions.

Extinction faces over 50% of tree’s in Amazon

Deforestation around the Amazon isn’t something new: All throughout a lot of history, farmers have been clearing out patches to raise livestock and grow crops. However, that was on a smaller scale than these days. Over the last couple of decades, over 289,000 square miles have been cut, mainly to make way for soybean production and cattle.

While all of us know the results at the ecosystem level, like habitat loss and climate alteration, less is known concerning how deforestation has affected plant and animal populations throughout human history, and what may occur in the future. It’ll mean that the conservation status of the 15,000 tree species residing in this region, amongst the most diverse plant hotspots within the globe, remains unknown.

Using information from IUCNs (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List of Threatened Species, writers concluded that 36 – 57% of the Amazon’s species of trees likely would fall under the classification of threatened with extinction. Those figures reflect different scenarios scientists looked at for the year 2050: “optimistic” and “pessimistic.”

Also, they discovered that their trends aren’t restricted to the Amazon and may be applied to additional forests around the world, implying that most of the globe’s 40,000 tree species potentially share the exact same status. With the International Union for Conservation of Nature threshold for being eligible as threatened sitting at a loss of 30% Pitman explained that it’d mean that both Asia that has lost around 35% over the last 150 years, as well as Africa that has lost 55%, also would fall under the exact same category.

Is Star Wars Battlefront The Star Wars Game Fans Have Always Wanted?

If you are a fan of Star Wars you may have found yourself absolutely lost in some of the battles of the original trilogy as well as some of the epic space battles from the trailers to the new film being released in December. Seeing these battles and living them are two very different things and battlefront actually gives you the tools to immerse yourself in the chaotic world of a sci-fi space battle.

Graphically this is probably one of the best examples of a Star Wars game that comes close to the insane visuals that we see in some of the movies. EA has gone all-out re-creating the Star Wars universe from the iconic characters like Bobo Fett, Princess Leia and Luke to immersing players in the original soundtrack, sounds of the battles and even capturing some of the explosions and effects. The presentation and Star Wars battlefront definitely is the type of Star Wars game that everyone has been waiting for over many years.

What battlefront lacks unfortunately is any semblance of story. The creators of this game took out any kind of narrative or dialogue that had to do with the Star Wars universe. It does create an amazing platform for 40 players to duel against each other in vehicles and weapons that are used throughout the movie series but there really isn’t much of a single player campaign, a story for any of the characters or game modes that don’t suffer from repetitions after long play sessions. While battlefront is definitely the type of simulation that Star Wars fans who have ever tried to simulate these battles with action figures have always wanted, it’s not necessarily the all-encompassing Star Wars game that gamers have always wanted.

If you are in the mood for the ultimate Star Wars battle simulation that you can casually play this is a great option. If you are looking for an immersive title that can keep you engaged for many hours of play however you may find this game getting somewhat repetitive at least until some of the expansion start to drop next year.

Soon you could be charging all devices using Wi-Fi

University of Washington engineers have found out how to utilize the untapped energy that is transmitted by Wi-Fi routers over to power devices. This technology is named PoWiFi (Power over Wi-Fi) and the final paper is going to be introduced in December at the 2015 CoNEXT meeting inside Germany.

PoWiFi’s prototype blends a Wi-Fi transmission plan which generates power on several channels, and antennae which may be connected with devices, as well as harvest energy from the multitude of channels all at the same time and then turn it into DC current.

Radio waves emitted by a Wi-Fi router transmit around one watt of power – the maximum permitted by the FCC that’s used to carry information to devices. A typical smartphone charge, in comparison, requires five watts of power. Routers will intermittently send signals as information is requested by a device, therefore the staff created an optimized edition which sends power packets out continually over the channels not utilized by the information.

The scientists tested the technology in 6 different houses to assess the potential deterioration of Web speed. No users saw any changes in how rapidly a video would stream or Internet page would load.

Though those experiments really are promising, the devices utilized only required small quantities of power. Prior to Wi-Fi charging becoming readily obtainable, there will be substantial improvements required to guarantee reliability and stability from the router, as well as having the ability to incorporate the charging antenna right into devices.

3 new fantasy sci-fi books you gotta check out!

Add these books to your wish list for the holidays or you can treat yourself to a great read to sit in front of the fire with. Either way, we have gone out of our way to sift through the worthwhile books so you do not have to.

Ash and Silver, Carol Berg – release date: Dec. 1st, 2015


National Bestselling writer Carol Berg comes back to the realm of her Lighthouse books with her epic fantasy sequence The Sanctuary Duet, of which Ash & Silver is the 2nd installment. It’s a continuation of her first book, Dust & Light, so reading that book prior is recommended so you’ll have the backstory before diving in.

Experimental Film, Gemma Files – release date: Dec. 3rd, 2015


Experimental Film is somewhat different than the books our site usually features, as it isn’t so much science fiction or fantasy, yet instead, contemporary horror. If being scared is more your style, it definitely is the novel for you. In fact, horror fans already might be familiar with the books of up-and-coming author Gemma Files, as she has published two short story collections and Hexslinger trilogy.

Nevermore, Rob Thurman


Nevermore includes the 10th installment of the Cal Leandros sequence from urban fantasy/paranormal author Rob Thurman. As this type of supernatural series tends to be trending at this time, this book seems to be well written, as early reviews for the novel look to be very positive.