Game preview – Ark: Survival Evolved on Xbox One

At present time, Ark: Survival Evolved is soaring upon STEAM’s trendiest games list. People clearly adore dinosaur games. Currently, developer studio Wildcard teased (through the official forum on Steam) that game Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox One release is “imminent.”

Even though we have known of Ark‘s impending Early Access-style release on Xbox One, now we know that it is much sooner than at first expected. In the meantime, the game sold more than two million copies to date upon PC, in spite of the truth that it still is in early access.

On PC, the price tag is $30, yet Xbox One players will have the ability to play a complimentary trial of the game prior to determining if they have a desire to spend their cash to dedicate to it. We do not know whether or not Wildcard is going to have the ability to keep up with the PC’s various updates for the Xbox One. However, hopefully, they will pay just as close attention to Xbox One edition as they will to the PC edition.

The full edition is going to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during some point in the year 2016.

Check out the video here:

Is Star Wars Battlefront The Star Wars Game Fans Have Always Wanted?

If you are a fan of Star Wars you may have found yourself absolutely lost in some of the battles of the original trilogy as well as some of the epic space battles from the trailers to the new film being released in December. Seeing these battles and living them are two very different things and battlefront actually gives you the tools to immerse yourself in the chaotic world of a sci-fi space battle.

Graphically this is probably one of the best examples of a Star Wars game that comes close to the insane visuals that we see in some of the movies. EA has gone all-out re-creating the Star Wars universe from the iconic characters like Bobo Fett, Princess Leia and Luke to immersing players in the original soundtrack, sounds of the battles and even capturing some of the explosions and effects. The presentation and Star Wars battlefront definitely is the type of Star Wars game that everyone has been waiting for over many years.

What battlefront lacks unfortunately is any semblance of story. The creators of this game took out any kind of narrative or dialogue that had to do with the Star Wars universe. It does create an amazing platform for 40 players to duel against each other in vehicles and weapons that are used throughout the movie series but there really isn’t much of a single player campaign, a story for any of the characters or game modes that don’t suffer from repetitions after long play sessions. While battlefront is definitely the type of simulation that Star Wars fans who have ever tried to simulate these battles with action figures have always wanted, it’s not necessarily the all-encompassing Star Wars game that gamers have always wanted.

If you are in the mood for the ultimate Star Wars battle simulation that you can casually play this is a great option. If you are looking for an immersive title that can keep you engaged for many hours of play however you may find this game getting somewhat repetitive at least until some of the expansion start to drop next year.