U.S. holiday decor uses a lot of electricity

photo credit: Houses like this use up a lot of electricity during the festive period. V Smoothe via Wikimedia Commons

Some individuals go to amazing lengths trying to keep up with the Joneses within the holiday season, decorating their homes, mailboxes, lawns, vehicles and pets with all types of sparkling decorations. Oftentimes these include fairy lights and additional electrical devices, which result in a huge seasonal energy bill. As a matter of fact, the quantity of electricity utilized to power those festive decorations within the United States alone is higher than the whole yearly intake of some developing countries.

Seasonal lighting over the 2008 season accounted for a whopping 6.63 billion kW h of electricity use, according to research by the United States Energy Department.

In order to put this into perspective, recently, the Center for Global Development published a post that compares this energy intake with that of additional nations. For example, Cambodia utilizes 3.06 billion kW h of electricity in a whole year, less than 50% of the quantity utilized to power festive decorations in the U.S.

Additional nations whose yearly intake is under that utilized by those decorations involve Nepal, Tanzania, El Salvador, and Ethiopia

As if this were not enough to consider, those Christmas lights will account for a mere 0.2% of America’s overall yearly electrical energy intake. So, perhaps it is time to begin to tone it down a bit as it’ll come to sprucing the house up during the holidays.

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