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Three-dimensional video games improve memory

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Contrary to what lots of unfounded claims upon the Web might imply, playing video games actually can be beneficial for you, at least as far as brain development is concerned. Prior research has proven that they seem able to improve your perception, hand-eye coordination, attention span, reaction time, and capability of mentally imaging and processing three-dimensional shapes. Currently, new research published inside the Journal of Neuroscience adds an additional benefit to the list: They assist in boosting memory formation.

For their research, they were interested within the effect of video games upon the hippocampus, the area of the brain which is related to memory formation; specifically, it’s responsible for consolidating short-range memories into long-range ones. To assess the effect, college students were requested to play one of two games for half-an-hour a day over the span of 2 weeks. Thirty-nine of the attendees were self-described routine gamers, and 29 claimed to be non-gamers.


The scientists discovered that there wasn’t any improvement in the recall of memory as it’ll come to the two-dimensional gaming circle. As far as the dot and line test, goes the three-dimensional circle did not show any improvement either, yet as it came to the object ID test, the three-dimensional gamer group showed a 12% average increase in score. It’s approximately the quantity that an average individual’s memory recall capability decreases between age 45 and 70.

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