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Nicolas Cage returns stolen dinosaur skull

photo credit: Yes, you read that headline right. Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage purchased a rare dinosaur skull last March 2007 referred to as bataar, a Tyrannosaurus. However, he now has agreed to give it back after it emerged the very precious fossil was illegally taken from Mongolia. Though Cage was cleared of any wrongdoing, as he wasn’t aware it was the case.

Initially, Cage bought the skull for $276,000, yet in 2013 it emerged that the skull might’ve been stolen. He initially had outbid L. DiCaprio by telephone to get ahold of the valued possession, yet it later transpired that the auction house IM Chait within Beverly Hills acquired it from a convicted fossil smuggler, Eric Prokopi. Currently, Prokopi faces up to seventeen years in prison, having additionally sold a stolen bataar skeleton in 2014 for $1 million.

In July 2014, according to Reuters, the United States Department of Homeland Security originally made Cage alert to the fact that it may have been stolen, and after an investigation he now has agreed to turn it in. It must be noted, it isn’t not 100% clear that the skull is connected to Eric Prokopi; however, the connection has been made by many media outlets as Martin Bell, assistant U.S. attorney, prosecuted Eric and is the lead attorney for Cage’s skull.

It appears as if Cage either way, accidentally has got his hands upon a national treasure. If he does not desire a face-off against the palaeontologists, he had better be certain it is gone in 60 seconds!

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