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Large lizard on side of house in Australia

Photo credit: Eric Holland

Australia: a place in which nature is ten times larger and ten times more dangerous. For further evidence of this, a man named Eric Holland has shot an image of a 5-foot-long (1.5-meter-long) lizard that is crawling across his home.

The photo was captured in Thurgoona, New South Wales, and displays a lace monitor lizard. Those miniature Aussie godzillas have the ability to grow up to 6.5 foot (two meters) long and are carnivorous, typically consuming a diet of eggs, birds, small mammals, and additional reptiles. But, it’s a rare sight to lay eyes on one of those reptiles in a built-up region, as they typically shy away from the busy lives of humans by hiding in the eastern Australian bush.

According to Holland, he saw movement as he came out of his shed and he had a look and wondered, bloody hell what is that thing? As he recovered from the initial shock he went back inside his house and grabbed his camera. Take a peek at the video below:

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