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Cat Receives Titanium Prosthetic Legs

photo credit: ISUNewsService/YouTube

A cat named Vincent was born with an abnormality within his hind legs that meant he could not walk. He was abandoned as a kitten and was left in the hands of the Iowa Story County Animal Shelter. Typically, it is bad news for a kitten that is in this position. But, because of the determination of shelter workers, some leading vets and experimental procedure, he now is back on his feet and extremely happy.

The three-year-old feline was born with just half of his leg bones. Additionally, his knee was fixed within hyperextension, which means he could not bend the leg. To get the cat back on his feet, the surgery implanted a couple of titanium pegs which pass through the skin and go right into its femur bones.

The surgery was carried out by Iowa State University’s Lloyd Vet Medical Center, Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh, with the assistance of vet orthopedics business BioMedtrix, which designed the titanium prosthetics.

This technique of implanting titanium pegs directly into the bone still is highly rare. It is estimated that fewer than 25 animals within the world have undergone this kind of implant.


Even though Vincent’s legs appear a bit on the small side, he’ll get subsequent procedures in order to lengthen the new legs.

According to Bergh, she anticipates that he will be jumping and doing regular cat activities soon and she could not be happier with how Vincent is currently doing at this time.

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