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Can you find the cat in this image?

photo credit: Can you find the carefully disguised cat in this image? Facebook/Dudolf

Gergely Dudás, a Hungarian artist – or Dudolf, as he also is known by –really has put a cat among the pigeons by placing a cat among owls. Though, the question is, are you able to find the cat disguised as an owl?

The puzzle appeared on his Facebook page right after an additional one of his pictures – that challenges viewers to find a panda concealed among snowmen – went viral.


Can you find the panda?

Thousands of people already have commented on the picture, most of whom tend to be experiencing a high amount of distress at their incapability of locating the enigmatic tabby. A struggling user on Facebook lamented that she ‘located the panda in five minutes. The cat? It has been fifteen minutes and still, there is no sign of it.’ One other user explained they required the help of their daughter to solve the puzzle.

The cause of all of this difficulty likely has something to do with the way the brain processes visual data, by identifying patterns that repeat then using it to automatically fill in the spaces in peripheral vision. It’ll make it very challenging to find small irregularities or details in our visual field without directly focusing on these components, meaning you potentially will not find the cat unless you stare directly at it.

While we are not going to tell you the position of the feline, we’ll provide you a bit of a hint: Cats do not have beaks.

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