4 space myths we must stop believing

Photo: Rocky Ring of Debris around Vega / Wikimedia

Humans explode in space

Space exposure definitely will kill you, yet not immediately and not within such a visceral way. Humans may survive exposed to space for around half a minute without any permanent damage. It will not be pleasant; however, it isn’t immediate death. You probably would die of asphyxiation because of a lack of oxygen. There’s one film which got this one right – “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Earth and Venus are identical

Oftentimes Venus is called our twin, yet this should not offer the impression that it is just like our planet. This concept came about mostly when we had no idea exactly what the planet’s surface is really like. Because of its amazingly thick atmosphere, it was not until we sent a craft to Venus that we found how unwelcoming and deadly the planet’s surface actually is.

Sun is a fire ball

The Sun actually is glowing, but not burning. It may seem as if it’s an insignificant distinction to the average individual, yet the heat delivered by the sun actually is the consequence of a nuclear reaction, and not a chemical reaction — which is what burning is.

The Moon has a dark side

The concept that the Moon possesses a side that constantly is bathed in darkness isn’t true. The Moon tidally is locked with the Earth, which means that the exact same side always is facing us, and not the Sun. All of the sides of the Moon get sunlight at different points.

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